Wednesday, December 29, 2010

All I Want for Christmas is...a House

Life always seems to get in the way of all my great intentions regarding this blog. Part of The Army Wife Life is being busy, I guess. Oh well.

After spending 25 days in the hotel on post, we rented a small, 2 bedroom furnished apartment off post, on a month to month basis to wait out housing. We moved in here on the 18th of December, and exactly 10 days later we got The Call. We have now accepted a house on post, it will be ready for us around the 28th of January! I can't tell you how excited I am! This little apartment is perfect for our short-term needs (and tons better than living in a hotel room), but it's pretty small and my kids need some space to run, especially as they can't really go outside and do it. So having over 2000 square feet at my disposal will be really nice!

That's the good news. The bad news...Chris won't be here. He'll be leaving either the day we move in or the day after for a month of training. While he *should* be able to help me move out of the apartment, he won't be around to help me unpack our household goods. Again. I swear, the man is paying somebody. He's never here for the unpacking. I'm lucky if he's around for the delivery. I have unpacked with the flu, in the snow, in the scorching heat, and now I get to add extreme sub-zero temps to my repertoire. The bright side to that is I get to put everything where *I* want it.

We had a great Christmas, I baked up a storm in my little apartment, I was just so grateful to have an oven! The boys were thoroughly spoiled and now our living space is full of toys that we don't have room for.... Santa brought Aiden a Batcave (think Barbie Dream House for Batman) along with assorted villains and accessories and Jack got what he was asking for all month long - a choo-choo and a dump truck. I got a free-standing wine cellar that I have a feeling will be coming in quite handy during the upcoming deployment!

All in all, life is good. I'm enjoying Fairbanks so far. It's not a big town, it's easy to get around and find stuff, and everyone we've met has been super-friendly.

Happy New Year to all of you!!


Chris said...

Jenn, you are hilarious! I am a soon-to-be Army wife that just stumbled upon your blog while doing research. I love how positive and objective you are. I look forward to reading much more from you! I'd love to catch up with you on Facebook. I've tried to find you without anything more than the info on the blog (I feel like a creepy stalker - as if there's any other kind), but haven't had any luck. Perhaps there's a link on this blog that I'm missing? I hope all is well in VERY cold Alaska! ~ Christine

Jenn - The Army Wife Life said...

Christine - feel free to look me up on Facebook - Jennifer Daley Echevarria. I need to put a link on this blog...maybe I'll do that right now. I'm happy to help you in anyway I can!

Sarah said...

Hi Jen! My name is Sarah and I found your blog while searching for info on Fort Irwin. We are moving there in a couple weeks and I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about it and the area, if you have time. If it is okay, can I friend you on FB?

Jenn - The Army Wife Life said...

Sure Sarah! Friend me on Facebook and ask away...:-)