Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Want to Join Us?

In my last post, I mentioned how much I love to read, so it's only natural that I'm part of a book club here on post. We meet once a month to discuss the latest choice, and also we eat and chat and just have a good time together. I'm going to try something new, and start reviewing the books we read here on my blog. Feel free to read along with me if you'd like. If you're here on Fort Irwin and would like to join us in person, you are more than welcome - the more great minds, the better! We decided last month to start trying to choose books off the BBC's list of 100 Books Everyone Should Read. It provides a wide selection, so everyone should be happy at some point!

This month we have chosen to read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, by Mark Haddon. There is a link to the right, if you want more information. I just ordered a used copy from Amazon, so once it arrives I'll get started. My plan is to start posting my reviews the day after the meeting, so if you're interested, keep an eye out for that.

Happy Reading!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I love to read. That's actually an understatement. I have a passion for the written word. I read faster than most people run. It drives my husband a little nuts, I zoom through books at light speed. I don't really have a preference, I read all kinds of things. I do like classics though. And I like books that make you think. I like books that grab you from the first page and pull you into another universe, where the world could fall down around you and you wouldn't notice. If an author can draw my attention away from two very loud children, and all the myriad things around the house that I should be doing, that's good writing.

I'm not one to jump on a literary bandwagon. I prefer to choose my own interests, rather than have every single person on the planet tell me I need to read something. Harry Potter holds no sway over me. I could care less when the new one comes out, and you'll never find me outside Barnes and Noble just before midnight, counting down the seconds until I can purchase the next fix.

When Twilight came out, I watched as America plunged over the edge like a herd of lemmings. I scoffed, said to myself, here we go again, and steadfastly refused to be drawn in. A lot of my friends considered this odd, taking into account my strange fascination with vampire lore. They figured I'd be the first one to jump head first into the Twilight World. And maybe I would have, if it hadn't been so...BIG. The hype just turned me off.

A couple of months ago I gave in and watched the movie. I was pleasantly surprised, I actually thought it was good. Not fantastic, but much better than I was expecting. I gave some thought to reading the book, but eventually forgot about it. Then, I came into possession of the first novel in the series through Swaptree.com. I figured it was free, so what the heck, if it's terrible I'll just stop reading it. So I stuck it on the shelf and said, I'll get to it later, when I'm desperate for something to read.

This past Friday evening, I was desperate for something to read. I'd read through everything else on the shelf, and my book club hasn't chosen a new book yet. I saw Twilight sitting there patiently and, rolling my eyes, I picked it up. I settled on the couch with my favorite blanket, tuned out the annoying sounds of Friday Night Smackdown that were coming from the TV, and opened to the first page.

At that point, I fell into the world of Stephenie Meyer. To say that I read Twilight is not entirely accurate. I inhaled it. I was literally mesmerized. I felt what Bella felt, I saw Edward's golden eyes, I was really and truly fascinated. I finished Twilight the next day. It's 500 pages. Today is Sunday and I'm almost done with book two. I feel like I can't read it fast enough, yet at the same time I want to slow down, draw it out so it doesn't end too quickly.

At first I was kind of embarrassed that I was actually reading Twilight, after all of my denial and scorn. Now I don't even care. I love a good book, and I'll be searching for book three tomorrow, I have no doubt. While I don't plan on taking the Facebook quiz to find out which Twilight character I am, I will admit that I am snared - hook, line and sinker.

But...I'm still not going to read Harry Potter.

Friday, September 11, 2009


I would be remiss in my "Army Wife Life" duties if I didn't post something today. Today is the day 8 years ago, when our lives changed forever. America changed that day, the day when terrorism crossed our borders and hit us at home. It was the day that took our military from training to war once again.

Most of America, after the shock of the those events receded, went back to their lives, their jobs, their everyday things. Those of us in the military, we didn't have that option. We went from a peace-time military to a mighty war machine. Overnight. The Sleeping Giant was roused once again.

We said goodbye to our husbands, our wives, our soldiers. We sent them off to do what they are trained to do. We sacrificed our family, for the sake of everyone else's. Eight years later, we are still saying goodbye.

On this day we remember all those who lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks, and all those who remain behind and miss them. We remember all those who have given their lives to prevent 9/11 from happening again, and we give thanks for all of our brave men and women who continue to fight, and sacrifice, to keep us free.

God Bless America!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just Another Thursday Morning

I thought I would share my fabulous morning with all of you.

5:30 AM - Wake up, courtesy of Jack. I could understand when he woke up this early when it was light outside, but now the days are getting longer and it's still dark at the butt-crack of dawn. But still...he's up.

5:32 AM - Coffee brewing. Even Jack knows to leave me alone until I've had my first cup. Start Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD for my little early riser.

5:52 AM - Finally...a cup of coffee.

6:03 AM - Restart Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD.

6:15 AM - Chris leaves for work. Sucks to be him.

6:30 AM - Aiden wakes up and scampers downstairs, informing me very loudly that it's raining. I look out the window - it's cloudless and probably 80 degrees already.

6:33 AM - Aiden asks for food. Jack asks for food. I make Eggo Waffles.

6:34 AM - Restart Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD.

6:40 AM - Get bumped by small children bouncing on the couch and spill coffee all over my leg.

6:41 AM - Go into the kitchen for a towel and step in a puddle of apple juice next to an "unspillable" sippy cup.

6:43 AM - Change pants. Change socks.

6:45 AM - Get another cup of coffee. Sit down at the computer.

6:46 AM - Realize Jack's PJ's are soaking wet from the apple juice spill.

6:47 AM - Remove wet PJ's and send him off to play in his diaper.

6:48 AM - Sit down at the computer with coffee...again.

6:49 AM - Aiden asks for food. Jack asks for food. I make Eggo waffles...again.

6:53 AM - Sit down at the computer with coffee. Coffee is cold. Reheat coffee in the microwave.

6:55 AM - Aiden has to go potty. I clean up that mess, since he is, after all, a boy.

6:58 AM - Help Jack wash his hands. He insists on washing his hands every time Aiden goes potty. What can I say, he's clean.

7:00 AM - Sit down with coffee at the computer.

7:02 AM - Restart Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD.

7:03 AM - Sit down with coffee at the computer. Wait expectantly for a "MOMMY!!!!"...all is quiet. I manage to actually write a blog post.

It's now 7:20 AM.

I'm tired.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Reality of War

I'm sure most of you are aware by now of the recent firestorm surrounding the Associated Press and their decision to publish a photo of a dying Marine. Like most members and family members of the military, I am shocked and appalled by the AP's decision. The Associated Press defended their decision by saying they felt it was important to convey the reality of war, and the reality is that people die.

I believe that we are ALL aware of this fact already. And while I am a big supporter of telling people the truth (especially in the media), we all know this rarely happens. From day one of our campaigns against the terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan, the press has been steadily feeding the American people a boatload of horrific stories. We always hear about the bad things that happen, the civilians who get killed, the abuse being done to these poor innocent people by our big, bad soldiers. Why? Because that's what sells newspapers. People don't want to hear about the schools our soldiers have rebuilt, about the electricity and plumbing being brought to people who never had it before, about the scores of Afghani and Iraqi women who are now able to hold jobs and attend college. That's boring to the voyeuristic people who only want to read about the horrors of war. So why should we be surprised when the AP decides to run a photo of one of our brave Marines while he's dying? That's juicy stuff!

But in the media's race to get the scoop, they've forgotten one very important thing. It is imperative that while we are in the midst of this terrible war and the horrors of terrorism that surround us every day, we must retain our humanity. Our compassion. Isn't that what the terrorists themselves have forgotten? Aren't we fighting to protect the humanity and the rights of people who can't defend themselves? Isn't this what Lance Corporal Joshua Bernard died fighting to protect? So why does the Associated Press feel it's okay to disregard the express wishes of his family, deny their and their slain son's right to privacy and plaster this horrible piece of "journalism" all over the newspapers? This act alone shows man's inhumanity to man more clearly than any roadside bomb. Why? Because WE SHOULD KNOW BETTER. To deny this Marine a dignified death, to plaster a family's grief at the loss of their son across every breakfast table in America is simply inhuman. We call it barbaric when a terrorist group publicly executes a criminal, beheading them on television. We thank God that our culture is not that bloodthirsty. Is this not the same thing?

The family of Lance Corporal Bernard as well as Secretary of Defense Gates both appealed to the AP, begging that this photo not be run. But the AP decided they knew better. After "careful deliberation", the editors made the decision to run it anyway, even though they knew this would cause the family even more grief at a time when they deserve our country's support and understanding. I am personally ashamed that the Freedom of the Press, which is among the freedoms that Lance Corporal Bernard swore to defend with his life (an oath which he upheld to the fullest), is now being used to disrespect him in such a manner. I have one question for the editors of the Associated Press. If it were your son in that photo, would your decision have been different?

My deepest condolences to the family of Lance Corporal Bernard. May your son rest in Everlasting Peace.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Hello....Anyone There???

Yes, I know. It's been a while. I'm sorry, I just haven't felt like blogging lately. I'd say I don't have time, but we all know that's a lie since I'm addicted to Facebook and spend too much time taking dumb quizzes to find out what 80's cartoon character I am. But I decided that I miss blogging, and I'm going to really start trying to update this more. It's not for lack of things to talk about, that's for sure!

For starters, I'm re-entering the workforce. For all of my fellow SAHM's, don't panic! I'm getting certified to provide Army Family Childcare in my home. I'm almost done with the process, I have to go through my inspections still, but I'm almost there! I'm really excited to start, I think it will be a great way to earn another income and still stay home with my kids while they're little. Our family room has been turned into a preschool classroom, which is actually turning out rather well. Don't call me a "babysitter", for I have lesson plans and menus and LOTS of training. I'm really more like an at-home preschool teacher. Trust me, I'll be earning my paycheck! I'm hoping to be open the beginning of October.

What else? Let's see...Aiden is mostly potty-trained. I say "mostly" because up until a couple of days ago he flat out refused to put his #2 in the potty. I got to the point where I was so frustrated with the whole thing, the doctor told me to put him back in diapers and take a break from it. Lo and behold, after a couple of weeks back in diapers, he took the initiative and pooped on the potty. All by himself. So far we've had it happen twice, I'm hoping it will stick. Cross your fingers because I'm REALLY tired of two in diapers....

My sister is going to have a baby in like, 3 days. I'm super excited to be an Auntie again, this time on my side of the family! Pray that everything goes well, since she's also suffering from a gallstone, which can't be removed until after delivery. I can't imagine being 9 months pregnant and having a gallstone.

Anyway, I *hope* to be updating this a lot more often than every 4 months, so keep checking back, I've missed you...:-)