Monday, December 29, 2008

Not Enough Time

I know I don't seem to blog as often as I used to. I miss it, but I never seem to have enough time. Chris is home, and I'm not working anymore, but I'm busier! How did that happen? Oh well. I'm going to really try to blog more often. I took a picture of Jack on Christmas morning that I just love....

He looks like such a little angel, doesn't he? Don't let his cuteness fool you, he's a troublemaker just like his big brother, the only difference is that Jack knows how to get away with it. He just smiles and bats those baby blues and my heart melts. He's very much the baby of the family!

On Thursday we are driving down to Orange County to start the New Year off right - with a 3 day trip to DISNEYLAND! One of the advantages of being here is we are only a couple of hours away from the Big D, so as a family Christmas present we bought annual passes. It's worth the money if you plan on going more than once, which we do. Aiden's birthday is the 5th, so he's getting to celebrate with Mickey Mouse. Can you imagine the look on his face when he sees Lightning McQueen for real and in person? I think he might faint....

Speaking of Aiden's birthday, he's going to be three. I can't hardly believe it. Where does the time go? Jack is 8 months already. It doesn't seem like that long ago that either one of them were born. Time sure does fly....:-)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Here Comes Santa Claus...

Well, it's Christmas Eve. Tonight we hosted a party at our new house, some of the guys that Chris is now working with and their families came and I cooked a butt-load of food. I realize that "butt-load" is not really a Christmasy term, but that's what it was - a butt-load. I even made a Buche de Noel, which is a traditional french Christmas Cake. It was extremely difficult and turned out swimmingly, if I do say so myself. So after three years of being pregnant, working, or both, I have returned to my former domestic self, and had a blast. I made a couple friends, so hopefully now I'll have someone to hang out with during the day who doesn't poop themselves and think the world revolves around Lightening McQueen.

But...the evening is not over for us. While Aiden ended the evening passed out in front of the TV, Daddy and I get to assemble a 50's Diner which I have a feeling will be the hit of Christmas morning. I actually finished wrapping everything this afternoon, so I just have to fill the stockings and of course...the Diner.

I'm glad to be finally opening all of these presents that have been torturing the boys the last couple of weeks. And really, it's not Aiden who is driving me nuts, it's Jack. He won't leave those ribbons and bows alone! And the little stinker even checks to see if I'm watching him before he goes for the goods. Oh well, he made up for his stinkerness by giving me the best present ever this morning - he put his arms up to me and said "Mama". I love little boys.....:-)

Anyway, off to the toolbox! Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like....Winter?

In Southern California it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between the seasons, it's all just pretty much warm. Not today. We woke up to snow. Lots of it. That's right, here in the Mojave Desert, it is snowing. Now, I don't really like snow that much. Sure it's pretty, and it's all Wintery and Christmasy, blah blah blah.... But when you have to go grocery shopping in it (like I had to today), it just kind of sucks. It's wet, and cold and after a while it's just slushy and you track it in everywhere and it gets see why I'm a So Cal girl? I much prefer the sunshine. Oh well, what can you do? :-)

This was Aiden's first experience with snow, it was pretty funny to watch him, he didn't quite know what to do with it. Jack didn't have a problem - he just ate it. Here's a few pics I took today. The view out my front door, the street, the backyard, and a few of Aiden playing and making snow angels....

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Family Christmas Photo

We took a family photo today in front of the Christmas tree, I thought I would share it because it turned out pretty good. I also got a good one of the boys. The only problem is that for the first time in his entire little life, Jack refused to smile. Oh well, he's still pretty cute!

Friday, December 12, 2008


We have FINALLY re-joined the rest of the world and gotten our internet hooked up! I can't tell you how long these last three weeks have been without email and blogging at my fingertips.

Anyway, we are getting settled and enjoying the nice, 70 degree weather that So Cal has to offer in December. Life is good! We are almost completely unpacked, although there are a few boxes and piles of "stuff" that I haven't figured out where to put yet. But I'm getting there....

Here is a picture of our new house.

It's pretty nice. Nicest thing about it is the location, tho. So close to everything, I can walk wherever I need to go. And did I mention the preschool is literally a block away? The same preschool that Aiden will be attending come January? Saying that I can't wait is an understatement...I love my little boy but WOW does he have some energy to expend!

Speaking of my boys, Aiden is talking a lot more and getting funnier everyday. He'll be three next month, if you can believe that! I can't. Jack is growing like a little weed. He's cruising the furniture one-handed now, he's only 8 months. Well, 8 months on Sunday. He has the world's biggest smile and is still just as happy as can be. He and Aiden play together really well most of the time, until Aiden gets a little too rough, and then someone ends up crying....It's not always Jack, either.

Here's a funny story for you. The other day I was sweeping in the kitchen and Chris comes in, tells me to drop whatever I'm doing and take a look at my sons. I had a sudden sense of foreboding....Sure enough, those feelings were justified. The two of them were in the downstairs bathroom, playing in the toilet. Jack had his hands in the bowl, splashing and yelling and then Aiden would flush the toilet and they both cracked up laughing. Nothing is more fascinating to little boys than a flushing toilet. Why, I have no idea. I just thank God it was clean. My Mom got a good laugh out of that one. Silly boys.

Tomorrow we are going to try to put up our Christmas tree. We'll see how that goes....:-)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Still Alive

I just wanted to assure everyone that we are still alive and kicking. Unfortunately, our internet will not get hooked up until the 12th of December, so I can't really blog unless I come to the library which is difficult with 2 kids! Anyway, a quick update - we got housing last Tuesday and are mostly moved in. We got a brand-new house and it's within walking distance of pretty much everywhere. When I get my internet up and going I will post some pictures. Anyway, I only have 30 minutes on the computer, and I have to do my banking and check my email, so I have to keep this short! Hopefully I'll get another chance to blog, if not look for a new post around the 12th or 13th!!